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IMAGINE you have a core, abiding Self;

a Self beyond the hubbub of the inner voices and distracting monkey-mind chitchat.

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IMAGINE this core Self is as pure, unblemished and perfect as it was at the hour of your birth;

before you wrapped it all around with layers of protection and ways of coping.

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 3.06.08 PMIMAGINE this core Self is what you meet through ~

  • meditation
  • Yoga
  • absorbing pursuits
  • prayer
  • deep presence

and remember you have felt it before ~ as a pang of beauty, a quiet bliss, a deep connection, a pure joy.

  • Imagine this core Self is accessible to you at any moment.
  • This moment.
  • Imagine relating to yourself, and your loved ones, from this place.
  • Not all the time maybe, but more than you do now,
  • even without the Yoga or meditation ~ just by shifting your attention.

Slowly slowly, always coming (as my Yoga teacher says) I work to help clients reconnect to this place within themselves, so they might be happier in their relationships with themselves, and those around them, little by little, day by day.

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