Kind Words

Every session (and between sessions) I check in with clients to see if we are on the right track. Feedback is vital to good counseling, though I’ve been hesitant to ask for this in writing, thinking it may be a burden for already very busy clients.  However, lately a few people have sweetly said or written things to me that I wanted to share – mostly because I hope these kind words might encourage someone who’s on-the-fence about counseling to reach out and have a chat.


There have been a lot of discussions these past few weeks. A huge dialogue has opened up allowing us to communicate on what we both want out of the relationship. I think it has really helped in terms of discussing desires openly and for intimacy as well – a big turnaround.  You have made a massive impact on our relationship in the short time we have known you, so THANK YOU so much.

AP,   Auckland, NZ

I believe unhappiness in any degree is debilitating and destructive, Gemma helped us to recognize this. And find happiness again.  Gemma gave us our individual strength back without blaming one another. We are very happy now and have learned to love ourselves; this is the beginning of loving our partners unconditionally.  I have and will continue to recommend Gemma to those who I can see are struggling with life and its challenges within their relationships.  Thanks Gemma for getting us back on the right track!

LR, Auckland, NZ

We found Gemma to be very helpful, clear thinking and fast to identify what we needed help with. We both felt comfortable with her and she gave us some really effective insights and tools to work with to make our relationship happier and more fulfilling. We will go back to her in the future if we feel our relationship needs more work and would have no hesitation recommending her to family and friends as we found her to be trustworthy, effective and nice to work with.

DS & LH, Auckland, NZ


Gemma was able to listen and provide usable parenting techniques for me at a time when I felt nothing seemed to work.  A lot of parenting techniques I have read or learned in parenting classes are generic and did not seem to work with my second child.  With the help of Gemma, I was able to better understand my daughter and  her needs as an individual.  Gemma has helped me to listen and communicate better with my children and, through this process, we have become a much happier family.  Our family now supports each other, well, most of the time . . . we still have our moments…..but we are much better at working through them now.

KA, Auckland, NZ


I really wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the
last few months. I’ve so enjoyed doing therapy with you, and really
appreciated your sense of fun, the way you’ve understood me (even when
I’m not sure I understand myself), your great advice and consistently
practical approach. I also even like the me that you reflect back to me 🙂

Thanks for being a great therapist, I hope that I can keep up what
we’ve started.

JG, Auckland, NZ


I’m finally the person I’ve always wanted to be. I can’t thank you enough for helping me to become the person I’ve known all along I wanted to become.

AW, Auckland, NZ

You have completely understood me!

LR, Auckland

4 thoughts on “Kind Words

  1. Mac

    Having recently lost my sister to suicide, I have begun expressing mine and her past nasties in my art. Doing so has equally encouraged me to write about what each image (all taken on or around the day she took her life) means and to want to share both mediums via a blog…as you do so eloquently Gemma (thank you)

  2. Carol Reich

    Gemma is a beautiful, bright, and productive member of the professional counseling team: her light can lead, support, create new paths for healthy living and loving. Enjoy her powerful message and resources! C A Reich, lic. MFT

  3. Susan

    Dearest Gemma,

    Loved your Christmas story. First of all, you look so much like your beautiful mother. Lucky you! I have learned that having little or no expectations leads to little disappointment, and actually a surprisingly positive result.

    I was convinced the reason your parents were gone so long upstairs, was…well you know. A little holiday cheer between the sheets!

    Laughter and a sense of humor is so important for me. Thanks for the reminder. Wishing you love and laughter for Christmas.

    Lots of love

    1. gemmautting Post author

      Yes, I agree! Investing in fewer expectations can be a surprisingly positive approach. And I know you walk the talk there my friend. Sending loads of love to you and the lads and hope to connect soon. Much love, Gemma


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