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One Small Step Toward Self Compassion

This one small step

when undertaken consciously

can transform your inner landscape from

 the dark and narrow back-streets of anger, criticism, fear and judgment

Screen shot 2015-07-28 at 8.10.34 AM

into a bright and spacious landscape of compassionate curiosity.

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What’s to loose, right?

So, please hear me through and give it a go before you decide either that ~

  • I’m a fruit loop (which just may be true!) or
  • That this is not for you (which I hope is not true).

Here’s the idea.

Every time you hear your own inner voice of anger, criticism, fear and judgment go off on you with variations of you’re ~

  • no good
  • stupid
  • a failure
  • cowardly
  • wrong
  • lazy
  • forever doomed to be alone
  • unlovable
  • unworthy
  • fundamentally a looser

Do this ~

Visualize the voice as coming from a small, frightened Part of you cowering in that dark alley. Turn toward this cowering Part, thank it, and let it know you’d like to understand it more fully.


Say, “Well hello!  I hear that you’re angry, or worried that I’m no good or stupid or a failure.  I know you are telling me this for a reason and I’d like to hear what you have to tell me.”

Even if this Part says this to you often, my guess is you usually do not give it the time of day.

My guess is you turn away from it.

My guess is that you meet your ~

  • angry Parts with anger
  • critical Parts with criticism
  • judgmental Parts with judgment
  • fearful Parts with fear.

Whatever the initial feeling your Part expresses, instead of listening to it, my guess is you compound it with more of the same.

As Thich Nhat Hanh said:

If we become angry at our anger, we will have two angers at the same time.

So, what to do?

Turn toward this frightened young Part, take it by the hand and lead it out of that narrow, confining, oppressive alley and into a sun-lit meadow. Sit down next to it and invite it to tell you what it needs you to hear. You are there to listen. You are there to listen to understand the concerns, not listen to agree.

The magic?

Once you turn toward your anger, criticism, judgment or fear and invite it to tell you more, you are no longer that Part. You are your Self listening to that Part. YOU have separated from IT.

You have opened up some space between YOU and this PART. Which invites “YOU” into the picture. The “YOU” who is way more than just a small young frightened Part .

This “YOU”, with the spaciousness of the bright meadow, sees so much more of who you are and how you might be actually dealing with whatever the issue was that triggered this young frightened outburst.

Maybe you also see Parts of you are are:

  • kind
  • bright
  • successful
  • brave
  • often right
  • hardworking
  • a good friend
  • lovable
  • worthy
  • fundamentally OK

These Parts are also YOU.

Here is Thich Nhat Hanh again:

We only have to observe it with love and attention. If we take care
of our anger this way, without trying to run away from it, it will transform itself.

OK that’s it!

Is there more one can do to cultivate Self-Compassion?

Yes – and if you’re interested, I highly recommend you allow  Dr. Kristin Neff  to be your guide.

But this one small step is key.

This one small step allows you to see the limits of the dark alley-way script which – when confined to the alley – felt like it was the only narrative. This one small step allows you to access so much more of who you are. This one small step allows you to bring compassion, gratitude and perspective to this Part.

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