Article in New Home Source

I was invited to contribute to an article about how couples can stay together through he design/build of a new home.

Australian Women’s Weekly

September 2013 Edition.

Extensively quoted in article on cheating web site Ashley Madison. See the article and my comments, here:     Australian Women’s Weekly Sept 2013

For a brief while I was lucky enough to be a regular guest on New Zealand’s Radio Live 100.6 FM  as the relationship expert on Damian Christie’s Sunday Morning Breakfast Show. Featuring conversations along the themes of “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise”, you’d have heard Damian and me chatting about how to be happier in our relationships.Some of our conversations were recorded for later – you can click on some links below.

Sadly for me (fortunately for him)  Damian has been lured to greener pastures and is now much more to be found on TV than Radio. So – thanks for the ride Damian and Radio Live. Very grateful, and open to what’s next!

3 March 2013 – How To Help When Friends Divorce

24 February 2013 – How To Help Friends When They Separate

17 February 2013 – Back To Work Blues

10 February 2013 – Five Stages of Love

3 February 2013 – Back To School!

Previous conversations with Damian on ~

23 December 2012   Handling Stress over The Holidays

20 January 2013      Welcome to the Breakfast Show

27 January 2013       Family Holidays

will be available at some point. I’m working on how to include MP3 audio into this blog!

NZ Herald ‘Hope Springs” 16 Sep 2012

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