“Wicked” Camping to Celebrate 30th Wedding Anniversary


OK – thanks so much for all the suggestions!

In the end, practicality and zest won the day.

 New Zealand’s “Grab One” deal showed up just in time to deliver one “Wicked” Camper for 2 people, for a ten day rental with pickup in Christchurch and return to Auckland — including the Blue Ridge Cook Straits Ferry  which is usually between $255 and $364) — for only $99. Done deal!

 Mark and I fly to Christchurch Wednesday morning to visit dear friends whom I met on an Israeli Kibbutz in 1974 and with whom I’ve been friends ever since. In fact their first daughter is my namesake (Hi Gemma!).  Then, we have ten days to re-enact a small portion of our 18 month original Honeymoon, in which we lived in a VW camper and traveled in Europe and the Middle East.  This time we’ll mostly explore New Zealand’s South Island, and visit friends in Nelson as we head north.  And, during the drive, Mark and I can hatch some new directions and priorities for our next 30 years.

 Stay posted.

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