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If we’re growing,
we’re always going to be
out of our comfort zone.

John Maxwell




Having considered retirement, I have decided against it!

Beginning in September 2021 – and stretching into the foreseeable future – I will be open for business, but with a greatly reduced capacity. My intention is to create a practice which is sustainable for me so I can give of my best when I am with clients, and yet also  create time and space around this central work to restore, learn, be in nature and grow as a person.

What this looks like in practice is that I work with six clients per week, over two days. Right now those days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The earliest I see clients is 10:00am and the latest a session ends is 5:30pm.


IN-PERSON – I am vaccinated against Covid, will follow CDC guidelines for boosters, and monitor our local situation.  I am not currently seeing clients in-person but am open to this on a case-by-case basis. I will be updating this policy as times change.

TELE-HEALTH – For now Zoom is my preferred video-conferencing platform, and some client prefer to simply use their mobile phones so they can be outside in nature. We can discuss options – their hazards, pros and cons – when we schedule.


I charge $125 an hour, payable at the time of service. I accept personal checks , cash and credit cards. For remote clients I submit an invoice using Square.


I am in-network with Blue Cross and bill them directly. The client is responsible for knowing and meeting any deductibles and co-payments.

If you re insured with companies other than Blue Cross, and have behavioral health benefits, it is definitely worth calling your company to see what they reimburse for out of network providers. Many have some form of deductible and then reimburse 70% of a typical fee. While this approach does require you to pay upfront, the reimbursement can be well worth the effort.

If you have only been able to work with me because your insurance benefits made this financially possible, please email me and let’s talk.


If you wish to discuss getting on my schedule, please email me with ~

  • A brief description of the issue(s) you wish to address;
  • The best confidential email and/or phone contact for you;
  • Whether you want to meet weekly, every other week, monthly or “as needed”;
  • Whether you are with Blue Cross or plan to private pay;
  • If there is a best-time for me to call you to discuss.


    • EMAIL


New Client Intake Forms (Choose A or B)

A. New Client Intake  MS Word – Open as a Word doc, complete on your computer and email back to me. 

B. New Client Intake  PDF – Open, print, complete and scan  back to me.

Informed Consent

C. Informed Consent-G. Utting LMFT 9:2021PDF – Please read thoroughly. We will review in our first session, discuss and both sign.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Questionnaire

D. ACE Score Calculator  Please print and bring with you when you come.

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