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If we’re growing,
we’re always going to be
out of our comfort zone.

John Maxwell


  • CELL   208-340-8989
  • TECH  I have an established Telehealth practice using both Zoom & VSee.


Beginning in January 2021 I am setting aside only one week a month for direct client work. I anticipate this will be the last week of each month, though reserve the right to change this if necessary. If you are an existing client and wish to keep working with me on a monthly-or-less schedule, I’d be delighted to continue. If you worked with me more than a year ago, or are interested in working with me now, I do currently have a limited number of openings for new clients. Not everyone will be a good fit for this low level of contact but if you are interested, drop me an email describing your needs and I will reach out to you to discuss.


$125 an hour.



The easiest and most flexible choice. There are no privacy issues since insurance companies and corporate wellness programs never review your files, and no mental health diagnosis is needed or given. I am sometimes able to negotiate a better per-session price if you are interested in longer or depth work and concerned about how to afford this work.

Fees are due at time of treatment.

I accept

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • MasterCard / Visa / Discover / American Express
  • All of the above cards from Health Savings Accounts


I am currently an in-network provider, and offer direct billing, with:

  • Blue Cross of Idaho
  • Regence Blue Cross
  • Select Health

Please scroll down and see Form 4  for suggestions on optimizing your Health Insurance Benefits. There are limits, co-payments and  conditions you’d be wise to understand.


If you have health insurance with Behavioral Health benefits but I am not an in-network provider you may still benefit greatly by completing Form 1500 (see Form 6 below). This form allows you to claim our work using this form, and your company may have a price point for reimbursing you some % (I’ve seen up to 60% reimbursement) for out of network providers.


Before working with me please download, review & complete the relevant forms ~

  1. New Client Intake  PDF Version (best if you want to print the form, complete by hand and either bring it with you when you come, or mail to me at 1674 Hill Road, Suite 14, Boise, Idaho 83702. Either of these methods most protects your privacy.)
  2. New Client Intake MS Word Version (best if you wish to download to your own computer, complete on line and return to me as an email attachment. Using technology this way is typically less secure – your choice though.)
  3. Informed Consent, G. Utting 1:1:18, A PDF document. Please print, read carefully, sign and bring with you to our first session.
  4. Using Health Insurance Please review if you hope to use your health insurance to pay for our work.
  5. ACE Score Calculator
  6. Form 1500


I understand times can be tough. If you believe working with me will help but are not sure how to budget for the costs involved, call or email me and we can discuss some options.


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